Business English – Unit Eight

Unit Eight

Part I

201. Your counter-offer is much too low, especially considering the small amount of your order.

202. Our price is fixed on a reasonable level.

203. Our products are moderately priced.

204. This is the best price we can give you.

205. The price has been reduced to the limit.

206. Our price is already on its lowest level.

207. There is little scope for further reducing the price.

208. Considerable quantities have been sold at this level, any further reduction is out of the question.

209. We cannot make any further discounts.

210. This is our rock-bottom price. We can’t make any further concessions.

211. Sorry, we generally do not quote on a discount basis.

212. We can’t make any allowance for this lot.

213. This is the very best offer we can make for your. We consider this is a rock-bottom price indeed.

214. I’m afraid there is no room to negotiate the price.

215. This is a special offer and is not subject to our usual discount.

216. The possibility of a fall in price is rather remote, I’m afraid.

217. The price we offer you is the lowest, we cannot do better.

218. We very much regret to say that we can’t cut the price to the extent your required.

219. We are in a difficult position to satisfy your request for reducing the price.

220. It is really difficult to comply with your request for shading the price.

Part II

221. I dare say that the prices we offer compare favorably with any quotations you can obtain elsewhere.

222. I’m afraid you won’t find another company who will give you a cheaper price than ours.

223. What we give you is a good price. We don’t think it could be put better. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you.

224. If you compare the quality of our goods with that of other countries, you will see that our price is very reasonable.

225. The price we quoted you for belts is much lower than that of last year’s. You must have found it very competitive.

226. Our offer might be a bit high, but you will soon make bigger profits when market fluctuations stop.

227. The present market situation is on an upward trend, so you don’t have to worry about the profit.

228. Our product is rather competitive, so there is no question of profit.

229. Your counter-offer seems to be a little tight. If so, our profit margin will be too small.

230. If you increase your initial order to 30,000, I suppose we would consider reducing the price to $380 per unit.

231. If you double the order, we may consider giving you an 8% discount.

232. The best we can do is to allow you 2% off our quotation.

233. There are so many rich people in your area. To them, a high price means a good quality product.

234. If you stick to your counter-offer without any compromise, we might not be able to make a deal.

235. Your bid is obviously out of line with the price ruling in the present market.

236. We regret that we cannot book your order according to your counter-offer.

237. Our table-cloths are moderately priced and quite salable in your market.

238. We don’t think that this price can be considered high in your market.

239. We feel that your counter-offer is not proper because the price for such material is on the rise at present.

240. We are not in a position to entertain business at your price, since it is far below our cost price.


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