Business English – Unit Six

Unit Six

Part I

131. This offer is subject to your reply reaching here on or before 26th June.

132. If we can receive your order within the next ten days, we will make you a firm offer at the prices quoted.

133. This offer is firm (open, valid) for 5 days.

134. The price we quoted is on FOB Shanghai basis instead of CIF Hong Kong basis and our offer will be valid until August 31.

135. We make you’re the offer subject to your reply reaching us not later than noon December 23.

136. We have the offer ready for you.

137. I’d like to remind you that we’ll have to withdraw our offer if we don’t hear from you by next Monday.

138. This offer will remain effective for another 10 days from June 1,

139. The quality of our products is good and the prices are reasonable, so we are confident that you’ll accept our offer dated 4th May.

140. Since the market is advancing rapidly, the price we offered you is the best, I believe.

141. here are our latest price sheets. You’ll see that our prices are most competitive.

142. We believe that the price we offer you can compete well with those of other firms.

143. We hope you will accept our offer and give us your order soon.

144. We feel that our offer will give you full satisfaction and hope to receive a favorable reply from you soon.

145. If you think our proposal acceptable, pleas let us have your order at an early date.

Part II

146. We have the pleasure in offering you our product.

147. We are interested in making you an offer on our hand-made carpets, which are well received in the overseas markets.

148. Our price for two dozen pairs of plastic shower curtains with matching drapes would be $45. Shall we hold them for your order?

149. We give you a price of $1440, FOB Chicago.

150. We are pleased to quote you for 1500 dozen men’s shirts as per the sample sent you before, at the price of $5 per piece CIF New York for prompt shipment.

151. In compliance with your request, we are now offering you 2000 dozen magnifiers at $36 per dozen CIF San Francisco, September shipment.

152. You will note that we are in position to offer you 50 long tons of tin toil sheets at the attractive price of $135 per long ton CF Shanghai.

153. We offer you 1500 tons of Canada Oats at the price of $400 per ton.

154. We can quote you a price of $75 a typewriter and a 10% discount on shipping.

155. Our average wholesale price is $180 per unit.

156. We offer you firm 2000 tons of chemical fertilizer at $150 per long ton CIF Vietnam for delivery in April.

157. We can offer a quantity discount of up to 15%, but we are prepared to give 20% discount for an offer to buy the complete stock.

158. I have here our price sheet on an FAS vessel basis. The prices are given without engagement.

159. As prices are steadily rising, we would advise you to place your order without delay.

160. Our product is in great demand and the supply is limited, so we would recommend that you accept this offer as soon as possible.


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