Business English – Unit Five

Unit Five

Part I

101. Pleas quote us for the goods listed on the enclosed inquiry sheet, giving your process CIF Jakarta.

102. Pleas quote us your lowest price CIF Hamburg for 10MT of walnut meat.

103. Pleas quote us FOB London for 100 reams of good quality white poster paper.

104. Pleas quote us your most competitive prices in order to consummate business.

105. Pleas quote us your lowest price for fertilizers.

106. Pleas quote us your best price and let us know the minimum quantity for each order.

107. Pleas make us as offer on CIF Hong Kong basis for handmade leather gloves.

108. Pleas make us an offer, giving your price FOB New York.

109. We have already made an inquiry for your articles; pleas make an offer before the end of this month.

110. I would like to make an inquiry about this type of leather bag.

111. We shall be pleased if you will furnish us with your quotation for this product.

112. Many of our customers are interested in your “Seagull” brand household scissors and we wish to have your CF Shanghai quotations.

113. we want to know the price CIF Tokyo for your printed shirting

114. We are anxious to get an offer for your products.

115. We shall be very glad to receive an offer from you on this brand of radios.

Part II

116. We should like to know the offer for the price of this kind.

117. We would like to know the minimum order quantities per color and per design.

118. What price could you quote us on two dozen sets?

119. Would you please quote us a price on your 71*84 reversible wool blankets, 15% wool and 85% cotton, bound with rayon satin?

120. How much are you asking for this brand of ties?

121. If we order 10,000 units, what will be your offer?

122. What’s the price for 1000 kilos of white sugar?

123. Can you supply this quality at approximately 50 cents per meter?

124. If our order is a substantial one, how much will you bring your price down?

125. How much discount could you offer on an order of this size?

126. Pleas inform us what special offer you can make us.

127. Here is a list of my requirements. I’d like to have your lowest quotations, CIF New York.

128. Pleas inform us of your lowest price CIF London.

129. We would appreciate it very much if you let us know what discount you can grant us if we give you a large order of your products.

130. Pleas let us have your best quotation by tomorrow, together with the appropriate time of shipment.


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