Business English – Unit Two

Unit Two

Part I

31. This model of typewriter is efficient and durable, economical and practical for middle school students.

32. The computer we produced is characterized by its high quality, compact size, energy saving and is also easy to learn and easy to operate.

33. They are not only as low-priced as the goods of other markers, but they are distinctly superior in the following respects.

34. You will get a 30% increase in production upon using this machine and also it allows one person to perform the tasks of three people.

35. This product will pay its own way in a year.

36. This machine will pay back your investment in six months.

37. The new type of suitcase car designed by our engineers is very ingenious and practical.

38. This kind of bicycle can be folded in half and handy to carry around, especially useful during traveling and traffic jams.

39. The maximum speed of this kind of variable-speed bicycle is 30 km per hour.

40. These machines have few breakdowns and are easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure.

41. Compared with the other brands, this kind of type costs less per mile and wears much longer due to its topnotch rubber.

42. This kind of type is characteristic of nonskid stops on wet roads.

43. This material has a durable and easy to clean surface.

44. This kind of air conditioning system is practical and economical for the needs of your company.

45. Our products are of superb quality as well as the typical oriental make-up.

Part II

46. Our silk garments are made of super pre silk materials and by traditional silks.

47. The garments are magnificent and tasteful and have a long enjoyed great fame both at home and abroad.

48. As our typewriters are made of light and hard alloy, they are both portable and durable.

49. The hand bags we quoted are all made of the best leather and of various kinds of styles and colors in order to meet the requirements of all walks of life in your country.

50. As our product has all the features you need and is 20% cheaper compared with that of Japanese make, I strongly recommend it to you.

51. Vacuum cleaners of this brand are competitive in the international market and are the best-selling products of their Kind.

52. “Forever” multiple speed racing bicycles are sure to be salable in your market.

53. Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price, our silk has met with a warm reception and quick sale in most European countries.

54. We feel that our product is the best kind in Asia and we can very well compete against Japan in price.

55. Our goods are greatly appreciated in other markets similar to your own.

56. By virtue of this superior quality, this product is often sold out of stock in many areas.

57. Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be saleable in your market.

58. These items are most salable in our market.

59. There has been a steady demand in our market for this kind of toy.

60. We have the pleasure in recommending you the goods similar to the samples you sent.


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